Biggest Leap

James Durbin Makes Biggest Leap With American Idol Betting Odds

Every season in American idol, sports books take the chance that they may have to pay out big when the competition is over. Odds makers create lines when the live shows start, but by the end, it is usually one of the contestants that started with long odds that wins the competition.

Several years ago, Kris Allen came from being a 60/1 long shot to the new American Idol. For those who jumped on the bandwagon early enough, a large pay day was awaiting at the end. The same thing occurred when Lee DeWyze won last year.

This season, it is James Durbin that is picking up steam as the competition heads for home. Durbin was not a favorite when the odds were released, holding odds of 17/1. Those odds have now shrunk to 2.5/1, and some analysts believe Durbin may be the favorite in coming weeks.

“If he continues to impress the judges with his performances, and America continues to keep him out of the bottom three, James will likely be the favorite heading into the final couple of shows,” said Analyst Brad Dawkins. “It will be an interesting stretch run.”

Scotty McCreery is currently the betting favorite, with even money odds. McCreery has used his country rasp to accumulate millions of fans across the US. McCreery started out the competition as a 10/1 choice.

Lauren Alaina, one of only two women left in the competition, is the third choice at sports books. Alaina currently has odds of 3/1. Alaina has gotten much of her support from the youth of America, with adults leaning towards Jacob Lusk, a 14/1 choice.

Casey Abrams, saved by the judges in an earlier show, has been strong since America voted him off and the judges let him back in the competition. Abrams is a 12/1 choice, and Haley Reinhart is the long shot of the final six, with odds of 15/1.

The Next Gambling

Is John Wayne Schulz The Next Gambling Favorite On American Idol?


Every year on American Idol, fans watch intently as the taped auditions are shown over a period of many weeks to kick off the new season. Odds makers are keeping a close eye on these shows as well, hoping to get a jump on who they should make the betting favorite when the live shows begin.

On Wednesday, fans may have found their next Idol, and odds makers may have found their next betting favorite. John Wayne Schulz emerged from the Texas auditions as one of the favorites of the judges. Message boards all across the US were buzzing after Schulz’s performance.

The country singer who is said to have released an independent album at the age of fourteen, sang Believe by Brooks and Dunn. The judges were taken aback by the performance, and fans already were saying how the next American Idol may have been found.

“He (Schulz) was amazing,” said Nicole Benning. “I have watched all of the tryouts so far, and he easily was the best. I have to wait and see who else does well the next couple of weeks, but I know that guy is going to be one of the contestants that goes far, and I think he can win.”

That is a lot to say after just one audition, but that is how a buzz grows over certain contestants. It is common, however, that some of the favorites from the auditions are eventually knocked out in Hollywood week. Each year, some of the top early talent is eliminated under the pressure of the big lights in Hollywood.

The past couple of years, sports books have taken a beating thanks to some long odds winners. Two years ago, Kris Allen won the competition after starting the live shows as a 60/1 long shot choice. Last year, it was Lee DeWyze that came from the back of the pack to become the reigning American Idol.